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Helping You Develop A Strong Foundation And Get Back To The Top of Your Game.

What's the difference between an ordinary gym or fitness center and a medical fitness center? Why is a medical fitness center a better fit for some people? Here are some things that you should know about medical fitness centers.


C4 is a comprehensive Adult and Youth Fitness and Performance Training Facility created by and run by physical therapists and certified coaches, a sport psychologist and nutritionists. We approach adult and youth performance with a medical foundation built on comprehensive proprietary testing procedures that allow us to identify imbalances, weaknesses, movement deficits, nutritional deficits, or mindset deficits that could lead to poor athletic development and potential injury. This includes overall fitness level, mindset, and general nutrition. We assess all adult and youth athletes by our test and re-test method throughout their course of membership with our company. We call this our Proper Preparation Technique .© Medical fitness centers use science and experience working with clients with medical histories. Clients are overseen by medical professionals as they work toward their fitness goals. These professionals can help ensure that their clients are meeting those goals in a safe and effective manner. Our very own C4 Performance Training is an example of a medical fitness facility. With our physical therapist and exercise scientists and coaches, we can help our clients achieve an active and healthy lifestyle.

A REAL WIN WIN FOR PHYSICIANS and their athletes


Avoidance of injury is paramount. However, recovery from an injury is equally as important. We have created a back-to-field protocol with the assistance of some of the area’s premiere sports-medicine and orthopedic professionals in the area (including MDs, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and other sports professionals). This is called our Incremental Advantage Technique. © These protocols allow our team to carefully and precisely measure an athlete’s recovery. Healthcare professionals that work with us trust our staff to take care of their athletes. The athlete returns to sport only after the team of care providers agree that the athlete is fully prepared.


We understand that there are two equally important aspects to an athlete: mindset and proper nutrition. ​​Consequently, we offer sports psychology services by our closely affiliated sports psychologist. We help the athlete return from injury with a higher degree of confidence and stronger overall mental clarity. We also offer sports nutrition support by our closely affiliated sports nutritionist who composes nutrition plans for the developing and growing athlete. This allows for proper pre-game nutrition but also incorporates recovery from sporting activities.

Back-to-Field Pricing

Medical Assessment Fee (This is a mandatory fee.) $125.00
1 on 1 Personal Traning Session $45.00 per session
10 Session Package $400.00 per session