What We Do

C4 Know’s Kids

If you are a parent of a child who wants to learn how to exercise properly and safely or you have a young athlete and they want to get to the next level in their sport, then C4 Performance Training can help them achieve their goals. We have been helping kids achieve their goals for over 20 years. At C4, we believe that every kid should have the opportunity to build their physical and mental confidence in a fun and inspiring atmosphere. We work with kids of various fitness levels and starting points. Most kids these days have fewer opportunities to exercise in school now with Physical Education Classes becoming a “Special”. Worse yet, kids are on their phones and games for hours. They are less physically active, getting heavier in weight, and mentally cranky. After all, what would you expect if your body was not moving like it should. At C4, kids have fun and build their confidence. We have hundreds of parents tell us that it changed their child’s life. What more can a parent ask for!

For the inexperienced child, we help them build foundational strength, flexibility, posture, and agility. They work in a group setting with their peers in a motivating and challenging environment.

For the experienced child or athlete, we help them master their movements with our incremental advantage technique©, Have a child who wants to make the “A” team but just wasn’t “good enough”? Yup, we know something about that! Have a child who has a scholarship opportunity? Yup, we know about that too! We have helped dozens of families achieve athletic scholarship opportunities at D1 schools. Our other C4 athletes have also been able to start at D2 and D3 schools.

Local private schools and national colleges and universities are very expensive. Every year, parents have decisions to make regarding schooling for their child. Private vs Public. University and college tuition at an all-time high. C4 can help your athlete get to the next level, whatever that may be.

If you are ready to have your child have fun, sweat, and build their inner confidence now and for a lifetime, then you are ready for the C4 Experience. Click on the YOUTH BUTTON BELOW to find out more.

Youth Training

C4 knows adults

If you are an adult who just wants to get fit and stay fit and you have tried all of the other studios on the mainline and found that you leave with injuries or pain, then C4 Performance Training can help you achieve your goals with less injury. The fitness coaches at C4 have been rehabbing and building back adults for over a combined 40 years. Exercise should help your body, mind, and spirit feel good. Exercise should not create long-term joint or muscle issues or worse yet, injuries. At C4, you work in a small group setting with one of our expert coaches. You are not on your own or trying to guess what to do next or how to do it. But, instead you are instructed by your coach.

For adults who are new to exercise, want to lose weight, or just want to feel sexy, C4 will help you build a strong foundation and work ethic.

For the experienced fitness adult who wants to continue to feel good and look good, C4 will help you continue your fitness goals. Perhaps you are training for one of the Philadelphia region marathons, triathlons, or one of the extreme sports (Tough Mudder ©, Spartan © races, etc.) and need to build your strength and endurance. C4 can help with that too.

If you are ready to start a foundation of exercise and fitness without injury or you are a “Stud” and want to continue your “Studliness”, then click on the ADULT BUTTON below to find out more on how we can help.

Adult Training