Summer Hours

Mondays - Thursdays

  • 10:30 - College/HS
  • 11:30 - College/HS
  • 12:30 - HS
  • 1:30 - Back to Field - injured only
  • 2:30 - Rising 7th/8th graders only
  • 3:30 - Elementary/Middle School
  • 4:30 - HS


  • 10:30 - College/HS
  • 11:30 - College/HS
  • 12:30 - Rising 7th/ 8th graders and MS

Closed Weekends

Welcome to C4 Performance Training

C4 Performance Training is a local youth and adult athletic training company that prides itself on working with adult and kids of all abilities and goals. We specialize in working with adult and youth athletes from all sports in the Philadelphia suburbs and the Main Line. There are many variables that influence our curriculum such as: chronological age, mental age, nature of the sport an athlete plays, and individual needs of an athlete.
Getting started, the right way, is what is most important to us and that is why our success rate is so high here at C4. Progress is always created at the foundational level, and we focus on establishing the foundation of an athlete. We only branch out and build once we have a solid foundation.

Our coaches promise to never rush an athlete through a program to “just get it over with”. We will never clear a Back to Field Athlete (an athlete who is recovering from an injury) before they are ready because a coach “needs” their player back. The athlete’s health always comes first. We promise to give you the same effort you give us every time you’re here.

C4 Performance Training is the Main Line’s premier sport specific training program for adults and young athletes.

Our Videos

  • Jumprope

  • Squats

  • Lunges

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Get Started, the right way.
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Why C4 is Different?

C4 is different because we set up our programs to give the individual what they need to reach their goals in a safe and effective manner. This is done through our Adult Fitness, Youth Fitness, Medical Fitness, and Back 2 Field programs. Clients are provided with the resources to succeed in and out of the gym. C4 works with doctors, physical therapist, and nutritionist to ensure all needs are met for optimal performance. We take pride in providing the attention necessary for each individual client to reach their own goals through small group training which allows hands on teaching and supervision.

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Performing Our Best
  • C4 helps me both mentally and physically. Every class is different and works full body, it is never BORING! It helps keep me young and makes working out not a chore.

    Heidi K

  • The workouts are amazing and so are the trainers. They make everything fun while still getting a amazing workout. Thanks C4!

    Justin R.

  • C4 has taught me that our bodies are stronger than we believe and we are only able to see that with great coaches who constantly motivate us to do our best.

    Cristina G

  • Signed up and love the adult lessons. Mike is a great coach who programs balanced workouts that push me to keep improving.

    Chris A.

  • The staff specializes workouts for me, and the culture is like a family. Everyone is friendly and will get to know you.

    Owen M.

  • The trainers at C4 are awesome and they encourage you to push yourself so you can accomplish many things. The environment is a lot of fun and safe. I LOVE C4!

    Lauren J.

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